Dot, Squiggle and Rest R&D photos August 2014

Images taken by Joy Haynes while working with artists Elspeth Brooke, Jasmiina Sipila, Zannie Fraser, Laura Moody, Anna Sideris and Graeme Hawkins between the 11th – 15th August 2014 to develop concepts for new early years production Dot, Squiggle and Rest. An interdisciplinary piece for children of 2 – 4 years their parents and carers fusing opera with dance, puppetry and digital animation elements created in collaboration with Polka Theatre and The Royal Opera House.


Animating Sounds

Even the sound effects for the production have been animated. This is puppetry too! This clip is from a morning’s work at composer Jonathan Lambert’s studio, where he with performers Aya Nakamura and Gilbert Taylor and director Rene Baker worked on the nature sounds for the Princess’ journey.

Three Colours: Ready for rehearsal

Run through of ideas for each of the three colours, showing how meaning and narrative can be created through a combination of image, movement and light. These will provide a basis for the start of rehearsals and development.