The Tinderbox is here!


Christmas Come Early

Today was our first schools performance of The Tinderbox. Everything is finished and we are ready and very very willing to share this show with the world! In all, this production has taken seven months of preparation, development and rehearsals, and it has seen NPT employ an additional 13 people to come and produce what is our first entirely in-house show for seven years. Congratulations to us.

The Witch and the lightbox

TinderBox-215 TinderBox-121 TinderBox-481 TinderBox-183 TinderBox-207 TinderBox-237TinderBox-298

Tech week

We are now in our third week of rehearsals. This means tech week, and the sounds and animations and characters or The Tinderbox are coming together in the auditorium at this very moment. Now that all the elements are together, the lighting is being designed and we very nearly have a completely finished show! As we’re getting to the end of the pre-production processes, we’re getting a lot more secretive but here is a picture anyway of The Witch, very scary but love the shopping trolley. Image

Animations on the Big Screen

These two clips illustrate how two key elements of the animaton are working. The first example shows a salt-mation dog appearing from the darkness. The second shows the trees growing as a backdrop for scenes set in the enchanting forest, and has been created with watercolour.

The animations of The Tinderbox form an integral part of the narrative, and have developed very organically during the development of the production, along with the narrative. At the NPT, we are very excited to be creating a work where animation and puppetry, two different strands of related art forms, are able to combine and complement one another as they do in The Tinderbox.

… his eyes are as big as saucers.

“If you walk into the first room, you’ll see a large chest in the middle of the floor. On it sits a dog, and his eyes are as big as saucers. But don’t worry about that. I’ll give you my blue checked apron to spread out on the floor. Snatch up that dog and set him on my apron. Then you can open the chest and take out as many pieces of money as you please. They are all copper.”